Institutional partners

Intercommunication and the creation of synergies are the aim of fostering contact between S-GE and its institutional partners.

Institutional partners

The institutional partners SERV, Switzerland Tourism, Präsenz Schweiz and Swissnex belong to the National Network of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). The cooperation is nationally coordinated and in part internationally implemented. Through cooperation with its institutional partners, S-GE ensures that mutual domestic and foreign platforms are used and the available resources are efficiently deployed and that the partner organizations benefit from each other's experiences and specializations.

Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV)

The Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV insures the export business of Swiss companies against payment defaultdue toany relevant political or economic conditions and can help with liquidity bottlenecks. Consultation is free of charge.

As a government organization under public law, SERV contributes to the international competitiveness of the Swiss export economy and maintaining and creating jobs in Switzerland.
Special topics of SERV

Switzerland Tourism

On behalf of the confederation, the marketing organization Switzerland Tourism (ST) has been promoting Switzerland as a market for holidays, travel and conferencing at home and abroad for more than 90 years. Switzerland Global Enterprise has been commissioned to promote Switzerland as an industrial location for the Cantons and the Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)). The cooperation between both organizations aims at using the synergies between both mandates.

Präsenz Schweiz

Präsenz Schweiz is responsible for the perception of Switzerland abroad and implements the strategy of Switzerland's Federal Council for communication abroad. As part of its investment mandate, Switzerland Global Enterprise promotes the marketing of Switzerland as an economic location. The cooperation between both organizations aims to use the synergies between both missions.


Well-educated and globally networked talents are amongst the most important of Switzerland's "raw materials". The mission of swissnexis to network Swiss science, education, art and innovation with the world. Switzerland Global Enterprise works at home and abroad in the areas of education, research and innovation (BFI). In Switzerland, regular intercommunication takes place, amongst others with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. Abroad, the Swiss Business Hubs work with the swissnex support points and coordinate with the counselors for the BFI area in the Swiss embassies.


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