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E-commerce: Logistics – what you need to watch out for as a Swiss company

In the digital age, value chains are becoming more transparent. Nothing is easier than sharing bad experiences and dissatisfaction with others. Bad publicity can kill a business model, no matter how good it is. On the other hand, good publicity can go viral just as quickly and infect others – all over the world. Take advantage of this fact and impress your customers with the right logistics strategy!

E-commerce: Logistics – what you need to watch out for as a Swiss company

Logistics already plays a key role in national e-commerce, and this is even more the case in international e-commerce. The following information shows you how you can start smart and optimize your KPIs with the right logistics strategy. 

Logistics and shipping in e-commerce: An initial overview

As soon as national borders are crossed, logistics becomes an important success factor. The linked article gives you an initial overview of the most important criteria, such as delivery conditions and total landed cost, and what options there are for getting goods across the border. You will also find a checklist to help you choose the right approach to packaging. 

You can read more about how you can get goods from A to B here!

Cross-border e-commerce: Logistic Tips & Tricks

To start selling successfully all over the world, it is not enough to simply set up a webshop; there is a lot more to consider. What measures can you take to increase your customers' satisfaction or increase the conversion rate? Are shipment tracking and returns management really that important? 

Read about it here!

Administrative preparation for your international shipment

How can you make a successful start in electronic retail? What administrative preparations must be made before goods can be shipped? The rule here is that good preparation is half the battle. Use the following article to find out about fiscal requirements, digital data transmission and customs tariff numbers. 

To the article: Administrative preparation for international shipments!

Logistics in e-commerce: An explanation of the terms DDP and DAP

DDP, DAP – what do they mean? These two Incoterms determine important rules of the game in online international trade and can influence customer satisfaction. You can read what the terms mean here.

To the terminology definitions!

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