International E-commerce

E-commerce: Taxes in international online trade

E-commerce is a rewarding distribution channel for Swiss SMEs. Exporters can sell goods all over the world via their online shop. In any event, retailers have to grapple with important tax issues to make their e-commerce project a success.

E-commerce: Taxes in international online trade

What you need to know about value added tax (VAT)

Value added tax is a consumer tax which is applied in proportion to the price at every stage of the production and distribution chain. Concerning VAT there is a lot to consider for Swiss exporters. Did you know that it is the firms own responsibility to ensure they are registered with the tax authorities? Are you familiar with the EU rebate system, to prevent being taxed twice?

Here you can find valuable information all around the topic of VAT

Marketplace liability in Germany: What does it mean for Swiss online retailers?

Since the beginning of the year, Amazon, eBay and similar online marketplaces have been liable for unpaid sales tax in Germany. 

Read here what Swiss online retailers have to consider and what effects they can expect.


More informative articles on the subject of taxes will follow in the coming months.

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