Swiss and Liechtenstein-based companies enjoy an excellent position in the world of global markets. While innovation and cleverness have catapulted them to the top, more is needed to sustain export success. The key here lies in active interaction and strong networking. Join our dynamic export community, which already has more than 2,100 members, and experience the combined power of export know-how and exclusive member benefits.  



1  Be part of an outstanding export community 
With global business becoming ever more complex, Swiss and Liechtenstein-based companies can benefit enormously from continuous exchange on the challenges and potentials of international trade. Our strong export community offers the perfect platform for this, bringing together not only experienced companies from all sectors, but also the most important trade associations and export institutions. 

2  Exclusive special events for members 
Membership in Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) gives you the opportunity to participate in our special events for members. Taking place in an exclusive setting, these regular events offer inspiring presentations by distinguished personalities, for example, from the world of business and politics. They also create space for engaging conversations with other fascinating companies. International experts are often in attendance and provide participants with exclusive insights into exciting market developments. 

3  Attractive price savings 
S-GE supports companies in exports with a comprehensive portfolio of first-class services such as export consulting, information offers and events. Our members not only enjoy attractive price savings, such as for consulting services, trade fairs or business trips, but they also benefit from free access to most of our high-profile events. 

4  Present your own company 
With our “Member of the Month” award and inspiring testimonials, we showcase our members not only on our website, but also through our social media channels. For optimal networking, our members are also recorded and presented visually in our dynamic membership directory

5  Help strengthen Switzerland and Liechtenstein as a business location 
S-GE, a non-profit organization, assists companies with professional advice and access to an accomplished global network of experts. By becoming a member, companies not only make a valuable contribution to supporting their own international business activities, but also help to make our commitment to the business location financially possible. 


In order to meet the different requirements of companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, S-GE offers different membership categories.  



For companies based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The annual membership fee is based on total revenue, ranging from CHF 700.- to CHF 2'000.- (excl. VAT), or is agreed individually if revenue exceeds CHF 250 million.



For companies based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Annual membership fee: CHF 350 (excl. VAT). 



Specially tailored to young companies that have been operating in Switzerland or Liechtenstein for no longer than five years. The annual membership fee is CHF 150 (excl. VAT).



For institutional and private sector organizations in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, as well as bilateral chambers of commerce abroad and foreign organizations that support the purposes of S-GE. The annual membership fee is agreed on an individual basis.

Detailed information regarding the requirements, benefits and annual fees can be found here:


S-GE maintains close partnerships with various organizations in the field of internationalization. Thanks to long-standing and proven partnerships, S-GE also offers dual memberships. 

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Expand your network in the long term: S-GE offers you a unique opportunity to interact with other companies and fascinating personalities from the world of politics and business. As a member, you will enjoy free or heavily discounted attendance fees for carefully selected, exclusive events. You will also receive a personal invitation in advance with information on applications and registrations. 


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We are delighted to introduce one of our members to you every month. With more than 2,100 members, S-GE is proud to present its members, their achievements and corporate philosophy.  

Sarix SA: From family business to global market leader

SARIX has been producing machine tools for mechanical micro-machining for 30 years. The company develops and manufactures high-precision micro-drilling and micro-milling machines using electroerosion and laser technologies. The all-Swiss manufacturing guarantees the highest quality standards and continuous innovation. SARIX customers use the machines in sectors such as watchmaking, aerospace, automotive injection system manufacturing, aircraft and power generation turbines, medical instruments, micromechanics and semiconductors.

Otimon GmbH: Consulting services for transportation and logistics

Otimon provides public authorities, transport companies and other enterprises with strategic advice on their transport networks and uses this to create service concepts, timetables and, if necessary, infrastructure investment programs for them. Together with its Indian partner Tata Consultancy Services, Otimon also develops and sells digital solutions for the transportation sector.

Innovative by tradition since 1802

Since November 2023, GF comprises the four divisions GF Piping Systems, GF Uponor, GF Casting Solutions, and GF Machining Solutions. GF offers products and solutions for the safe transportation of liquids and gases, lightweight casting components, and high-precision manufacturing technologies.

Thomas P. Meier, CEO & Head of Group Management: "We call Ricola 'the small, big company'."

Ricola is a family business from Laufen, BL which has been producing herbal sweets since 1930 and is the world leader in this market. Today, the company is active in over 45 countries worldwide and exports over 90% of the 8 billion sweets produced each year exclusively in Laufen, BL. The Ricola brand is very well known worldwide. Ricola employs 500 people in Switzerland and has a number of subsidiaries in Europe, North America and East Asia.

„S-GE helps to position our products even better in the markets."

ZoëRay, the brand of suiXtrade GmbH, was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of all those who value high-quality food. ZoëRay is the leading integrated player in the agricultural sector with activities in the cultivation, processing, and marketing of ready-to-eat pomegranate seeds.


In this interview, the founder of the company, Marcel Bangerter, answers our questions about his company, whose brand name is made up of the first names of his two children.

Enerproject SA: 25 years of experience with a global presence

With over 25 years of experience and a global presence, Enerproject SA is an engineering company supported by a strategic network of branches and agents worldwide.

"Asyril sees itself as a company that puts people first"

Asyril is a Swiss company founded in 2007 and based in Villaz-Saint-Pierre in the canton of Fribourg. It employs more than 70 people at its parent company and its various subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Japan and Singapore.

Asyril develops and produces high-performance flexible feeding systems for automated assembly machines and robotics. Asyril products can handle parts and components from 0.1 mm to 150 mm in size. Its patented 3-axis vibration technology, as well as its EYE+ smart control system, can be easily integrated into automation machines for greater flexibility, speed and precision.

„S-GE helps us with our internationalization.”

Angst+Pfister Group, headquartered in Zurich, is a globally operating enterprise with wholly owned subsidiaries and presence across Europe, Asia and the US, that engineers and produces innovative industrial components. Angst+Pfister continuously innovates components for the benefit of many companies, based on innovation along the whole value chain, from material design and compounding, to engineering, production and supply chain management.


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