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Swiss SMEs are excellently positioned in global markets. In addition to innovation and cleverness, sustainable export success also requires exchange and networking. Become a member of our more than 2,000-member-strong export community and benefit from concentrated export know-how and exclusive member benefits.

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Five reasons to become a member of S-GE

1. Be part of an experienced export community

In view of the growing complexity of international business, Swiss exporters can benefit greatly from regular discussion of the hurdles and opportunities of international business. Our export community is the ideal platform for this: It brings together not only internationally experienced SMEs and large companies from all sectors, but also the most important Swiss trade associations and export institutions.

2. Exclusive member specials

Membership of S-GE allows you to participate in our exclusive member special events. These take place on a small scale and feature inspiring appearances by renowned personalities from business and politics as well as offering space for exchange with other interesting companies. International experts are also frequently on hand to provide participants with exclusive information on exciting market developments.

3. Attractive discounts

S-GE supports exporting SMEs with a wide range of first-class services, information offers and events. Our members benefit from attractive discounts – for example on consultancy services, trade fair appearances or business trips – and receive free access to our export publications, which are normally subject to a fee. In addition, most of our events are free for members.

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4. Presentation of your company

We use the “Member of the Month” format and testimonials to give our members a face on our website and through our social media channels. To ensure optimal networking, our members are also recorded and visualized in our dynamic member database

5. Contribution to strengthening Switzerland as an industrial location

Switzerland Global Enterprise is a non-profit organization. We support SMEs in their international business activities with professional advice and access to an experienced global network of experts. By becoming a member, SMEs contribute to making it financially viable for us to continue our commitment to Switzerland as an industrial location.

Our memberships

S-GE offers silver and gold membership to meet the varying needs of enterprises of all sizes. 
Gold membership: For companies domiciled in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, annual premium based on total sales starting at CHF 700.00 (excl. VAT) and by arrangement
Silver membership: For enterprises in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, annual contribution CHF 350.00 (excl. VAT)
Network Membership: For institutional and private sector organizations based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, annual fee by agreement. Bilateral chambers of commerce abroad can also become network members
Start-up Membership: For start-up companies based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein with less than 5 years of business activity, annual contribution CHF 150.00 (excl. VAT)

Double memberships

Switzerland Global Enterprise maintains partnerships with various organizations from the ecosystem of internationalization. S-GE offers the possibility of concluding double memberships with long-standing and proven partner organizations.

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