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Swiss Cleantech businesses have expertise in the following areas:

  • Planning and integrating public transport
  • Car-sharing
  • CO2 compensation schemes for air travel
  • Coach building
  • E-bikes
  • Rail Champions of the world

The public transportation system – with its dense network, reliability and high safety standards – is one of the main reasons why Switzerland ranks as one of the most competitive countries in the world. At the heart of its attractive range of options is the timetable operated by the Swiss railway, SBB. The rail network is complemented by a coach network in rural areas and by trams and buses in cities. Commuters have been provided with covered and secure bicycle parking facilities at railway stations. There are also public parking lots for cars and bicycles. Furthermore, you can hire a car-sharing vehicle at over 400 train stations. Outlying areas have seen the development of call-a-bus systems.

Mobility on demand

Swiss car-sharing company Mobility is a unique success story. It began as the merger of two small car-sharing organizations in Switzerland and since 1997 has grown into the largest initiative of its kind in Europe.

The Mobility Cooperative, with over 120’000 customers, has at its disposal 2,700 vehicles in 1,400 locations in 500 towns and villages across Switzerland. Customers can also access an additional 2,500 vehicles in Germany. Mobility Cooperative is the Swiss answer to the needs of the many people who are seeking flexibility in their choice of transportation and an environmentally conscious one, too. Using a combination of car-sharing and public transportation saves on average nearly 4,000 Swiss Francs per annum – and saves the environment 290 kg of carbon dioxide. Mobility’s cars can be booked via the internet, by telephone, over a mobile telephone network or through a smartphone app. The system automatically registers the hours the vehicle was used for, the number of kilometers traveled and the gas consumption. Mobility has made a name for itself worldwide for its system and technology – reason enough to now also market its business model and expertise internationally via a subsidiary.


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