Customs clearance for imports and exports

As an internationally active SME, you need to be aware of topics such as import and export regulations, information on customs procedures, tariff classification and the customs database as well as the handling of customs documents. 

Customs duties

Customs duties

Are you an exporting SME? After reading our article, you will know what an HS code is, where to find your customs tariff number, and what customs duties apply to your product. We also offer you free access to the customs database. It is a foreign trade portal with country-specific information on tariff and non-tariff trade measures?

Customs procedures
Export customs clearance

Export customs clearance

Import regulations

Import regulations

An export is always followed by an import. To ensure that goods arrive at the right destination, certain import regulations must also be guaranteed.


Exports to South Korea: What needs to be considered?

Sean Pavone
South Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia. It is modern and prosperous and has the fastest mobile broadband network in the world. The eco...

Egypt – New payment conditions / import permits

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) made a decision regarding the governance of import procedures in order to raise the quality level of goods and to...

Exporting to Morocco: What needs to be considered?

Rabat Marokko
In 2021, the volume of imports from Morocco amounted to CHF 230 million, while the volume of Swiss exports amounted to CHF 345 million, correspon...
Customs in Chile

Customs’ regimes in Chile

Chile has customs’ regimes which aim to improve the competitiveness of the country in foreign trade and protect customers and the environment. Th...

Exports to Brazil: What needs to be considered?

Sao Paulo
Brazil is the ninth largest economy in the world, the largest market in Latin America and Switzerland's most important trading partner on the Sou...

Exporting to Saudi Arabia: What needs to be considered?

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is the second largest market for Switzerland in the GCC region and ranks 27th on the list of Switzerland's export trading partners. ...


Customs Database (worldwide customs tariffs)

Customs Database (worldwide customs tariffs)
Our Customs Database is a foreign trade portal for country-specific information on tariff and non-tariff trade measures.
Export Knowhow

Export to Russia: These documents are needed

Different documents are needed when exporting to Russia
The Russian Federation ranks twenty-second on Switzerland’s list of trade partners and holds high potential for the development and expansion of ...

Exporting to China: What needs to be considered?

China Skyline
For Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs from all sectors, the Chinese market is interesting and, furthermore, they currently enjoy advantages over their...

Exports to Egypt: ACI - new pre-registration system

Egyptian customs has introduced a new electronic system for the pre-registration of shipment information: the "Advanced Cargo Information (ACI)"....

Australia: New minimum import declaration requirements

container ship
Starting August 2, 2021, revised minimum documentation and import declaration requirements will apply to imports into Australia. What are the mai...

Seasonal measures in Australia affect Swiss exporters

Containers at port
The brown marmorated bug (BSMB) is spreading rapidly in Europe and North America. To protect the local ecosystem from the stink bug, Australia's ...
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