Free trade agreements for SMEs: Your overview

Switzerland has 30 free trade agreements with 40 partners - in addition to the EFTA convention and the free trade agreement with the EU. What benefits do free trade agreements (FTAs) offer and where do you as an SME need to pay careful attention?

Benefit from FTAs as an SME

Benefit from FTAs as an SME

  • No or reduced customs duties for customers abroad
  • Customs duties are eliminated or at least reduced, meaning margins can be optimized.
  • Competitive advantage (e.g. the EU does not yet have any agreement with China)
  • Increased competitiveness of the company thanks to competitive offers
  • Regardless of the customs savings, the customs-related Swiss origin can be a sales argument with regard to the quality of a product.

How to save on customs duties and margins

Together with our partner Swissmem, we have produced a flyer for you on how to make the most of free trade agreements.

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