This Southern American country is a mining economy and commodities make up most of its exports. It was hit hard by the pandemic and economic development faces further obstacles. There is, however, still a huge demand for new infrastructure.

How to do business

How to do business

Are you considering entering the Peruvian market? Are you already active in Peru and need tips, advice or support with your next steps? Do you have technical or regulatory questions?

In this section we provide you with guides, checklists and background information on doing business in Peru - specifically for Swiss SMEs and start-ups.

Industry information

Industry Information

Peru offers opportunities in different sectors. In this section we highlight interesting potential for selected Swiss industries and explain how to exploit it.

Industry Report

Peru: interesting infrastructure projects for Swiss companies

Our report provides useful insights into current and future infrastructure projects in Peru. What are the local business opportunities for Swiss ...
Industry Report

Value Chains in Mining - Peru a growing  dynamic market 

View from above of an open-pit copper mine in Peru
The Peruvian mining value chain has a great growth potential for suppliers providing goods and services for exploration, mining operations and ma...
Industry Report

Cleantech in Peru: Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

reflection of windmill in solar panel
Peru has adopted legislation to promote sustainability. Particular measures are foreseen for conservation and sustainable use of water, environme...
Industry Report

Waste and Recycling Management in Peru

Opportunities in Waste and Recycling Management in Peru
Peru is a country with boundless potential, but by its own admission it can do a better job when it comes to managing waste management and recycl...
Industry Report

Medtech in Peru - A growing and dynamic market

Peruvian doctor
The Peruvian health market is highly dynamic and rapidly growing. Find out how demand for each market segment is evolving and learn how to deal w...
Fact Sheet

Fintech in Peru: a market waiting to be discovered

Contactless payment
A regional comparison shows that Fintech in Peru is still in its infancy and that the industry is not on many people's 'on the radar. Learn more ...

Latin America: an ‘el dorado’ for Swiss fintech companies

Fintech Latin America
Latin America has become a fintech hotspot, attracting companies and investors from across the globe. Learn about the most attractive fintech mar...
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Events + Trade Fairs

Events and Trade Fairs

Especially for SMEs it is important to feel a new market to really understand its potential fit. Our business trips and events take you to the country and our events - webinars or in-person - in Switzerland allow you to exchange with experts and peers and leverage our network for your growth.

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