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Legal services delivered with software: PartnerVine’s cooperation with S-GE

PartnerVine is a common portal for law firms to sell their legal products. In cooperation with S-GE, PartnerVine has assembled legal products in 19 jurisdictions in the US and Europe that help you export and internationalize your business.


PartnerVine is a common portal for law firms to sell their legal products. Many legal issues are answered by a law firm not once, but many times, and innovative law firms are answering repetitive questions with software. PartnerVine connects the world’s most innovative law firms with companies that want their standard legal issues answered faster and at a better price point with software. 

In cooperation with Switzerland Global Enterprise, PartnerVine has highlighted some of the products on PartnerVine that can help you export abroad or internationalize your operations. PartnerVine is growing quickly, so visit www.partnervine.com if your issue is not addressed here. 

Some products on PartnerVine that may help you export abroad or internationalize your operations are as follows:

Data Protection
It’s expensive and complicated to manage data protection obligations in multiple jurisdictions. Get online access to answers to 78 key data protection questions in 18 jurisdictions, including Germany, California, the UK, France, Italy and 13 other jurisdictions in the EU. Pay for the jurisdictions you need with a simple monthly subscription.

Confidentiality agreements
Nine automated confidentiality agreements under Swiss law, for different situations and in German, French or English. Document your confidentiality requirements with a confidentiality agreement generated online from one of two major Swiss law firms.

Limited Risk Distribution agreement
Need to appoint a limited risk distributor to distribute your products? This Limited Risk Distribution Agreement under Swiss law is used to document the appointment of a distributor, usually for a specific territory like Germany, the UK, France or Italy.

Loan agreements
Loan agreements under Swiss law document loans in German, French or English, from one of two major Swiss law firms. Some agreements are focused on inter-company loans, including with subordination or security. Others are suitable for both companies and individuals.

Promissory notes
Promissory notes are a promise to pay issued by one party. As an issuance without lender obligations, promissory notes are often issued more quickly than a loan and may be suitable for companies seeking to move funds more quickly. The Promissory Note on PartnerVine documents a promissory note with standardized software under Swiss law.

Employment agreements
Employment agreements under Swiss law for your Swiss employees.

Banking Confidentiality
Online access to banking confidentiality rules in 17 jurisdictions in the EU. For a Swiss bank with affiliates in the EU, this product provides a single source of information for key questions on banking confidentiality. 

SMCR Training
For Swiss asset managers subject to FCA regulation in the UK, SMCR training to support the FCA’s Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR) requirements.

Merger agreements
If your internationalization takes the form of a merger, PartnerVine has an inventory of automated documents under Swiss law to document the transaction. 

Transfer of assets
Need to document a transfer of assets within a group of companies? Automated documentation available online documents a standard transfer under Swiss law.

Intellectual property
Automated documentation to formalize the transfer or assignment of intellectual property, including specific agreements for trademark licenses, and trademark or patent under Swiss law.

About PartnerVine. PartnerVine is an open platform for law firms to sell their legal products. Launched in 2017, PartnerVine sells products under the laws of 19 jurisdictions in the US and Europe. PartnerVine is dedicated to selling software from the best law firms and legal service providers in the world, and bringing value, transparency and choice to its passionate community of users.


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