Posting of workers

Construction performances – construction and erection work in neighbouring countries, and in UK, Spain and in China.

Posting of workers
Posting of workers

A posting is deemed to have taken place when an employer sends employees to a country other than that in which it has its domicile and where the work is normally performed. In the event of a posting, the employees of a company perform work for a specific period in the name and for the account of the company, or they alternatively work in a branch office or in an enterprise which belongs to the employer’s group of companies.

Ever since the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU came into force it has been easier for Swiss companies to provide construction, ancillary construction or assembly services in the EU. Despite this, certain bureaucratic hurdles remain.

Employee postings abroad

Make sure you comply with all formalities before sending your employees abroad. With our interactive guide, you can easily find out which requirements apply to your company and your employees when visiting customers and working on projects abroad.

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