B2B Digital Marketing in China

How can MEM and MedTech companies benefit?

The digital landscape in China is unique and fast-evolving, way different than in Europe. In order to find out how the Swiss companies in China are doing with B2B digital marketing, we have conducted a telephone survey with 38 Swiss companies mainly from MEM and MedTech sectors. The study below will present the survey results, discuss the differences between B2C and B2B digital marketing, and introduce some useful tools.

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Digital transformation is an unstoppable trend all over the world, especially in China where the digital economy expands exponentially. According to the 47th China Statistical Report on Internet Development released by China Internet Network Information Center in February 2021, the number of internet users in china has reached 989 million by December of 2020. More than 986 million people access the internet via mobile phones. Digital commerce accounts for more than a third of China’s economy.

Digital marketing is receiving more and more attention, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. What comes along with the opportunity for optimization is the challenge to have the same one voice from multi channels to the customers.

B2C digital marketing is no stranger to us since it is everywhere in our daily life, especially for consumer goods. But how are B2B companies doing with digital marketing?

B2B Digital Marketing in China – a study with useful tips

In order to find it out, a telephone survey has been conducted with the local teams of 38 Swiss companies in China, among whom, 27 are from MEM sectors, 6 from MedTech, 2 from chemical, 1 from quality control, 1 from biotechnology and 1 from logistics. This study, which can be downloaded below, presents the survey results, discuss the differences between B2C and B2B digital marketing, and introduce the main tools B2B companies may use in their digital marketing endeavors.




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