Chile’s multi-billion-dollar sector aspires to become greener

Potential of cleantech in copper mining

In Latin America, the implementation of sustainable technologies is a central theme of climate change policy. Environmental regulations are being strengthened, renewable energies, water management, e-mobility and efficient energy storage are increasingly becoming focal points, and mine operators want to reduce their ecological footprint. Quality-conscious Chile plays a pioneering role and offers Swiss SMEs exciting business opportunities with large order volumes.

Overview of a Chilean mine

Focus on sustainability in Chile

The small country of Chile is a mining player of international importance. In 2018, over 200,000 workers employed in the sector generated sales of over CHF 30 billion. In addition to copper, where Chile is the clear leader with almost 30% of global production, it also mines lithium, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead, zinc and iron. In order to remain competitive, the companies are focusing on productivity gains, but above all on sustainability.

Excellent business opportunities for Swiss companies

Innovations in the cleantech industry in areas such as energy, water, waste, mobility and automation not only reduce environmental impact, but also production costs for mine operators, where the demand for supplies is enormous. This offers Swiss companies from the cleantech sector excellent business opportunities.

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