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Spain: measures taken in the context of the COVID-19 crisis

The health situation as a result of the COVID-19 has improved considerably in Spain, thus the declaration of the State of Alarm has ceased since the 21st of June.


As a consequence of the public health crisis generated by the COVID-19, the Spanish State approved extraordinary regulatory provisions, with the aim of protecting the health of citizens and mitigating the economic consequences derived from the situation caused by the pandemic.

At this moment, end of June, the situation has improved considerably throughout the country, with the following developments:

  • Termination of the State of Alarm with effect from June 21st. Consequently, there are no longer any restrictions on the free movement of persons within the national territory. Likewise, only those legal provisions that were expressly intended to remain in force beyond the State of Alarm remain in force.
  • The RDL 21/2020 (Legislative Royal Decree) is now generally applied and, therefore, the country as a whole is already in a situation of new normality and there are no specific de-escalation phases. In this situation, generic obligations such as the use of masks, interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres, and the obligation to avoid any agglomerations in all types of establishments open to the public are maintained. From now on, the Autonomous Regions will establish, where appropriate, specific measures in relation to the COVID-19, in addition to the generic obligations mentioned above.
  • Two new border control orders have been adopted (for the EU and a specific one for Portugal).

For a better understanding of such measures, please, find below the guide provided by Mariscal & Abogados Asociados, a law firm stablished in Spain.  

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