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Australia - Rail and Rail Infrastructure

Market Overview and Business Opportunities

Australia’s rail network consists of approximately 33,000 km of track, which represents the sixth largest railway network in the world. It is constantly evolving and is being driven by factors, such as growing popularity of passenger rail services, an increase in light rail, new demand of regional and inter-urban rail services, as well as technology developments like remote-controlled and driverless trains. The railway sector is expected to see the combined investment of more than $AUD100billion (CHF67billion) by 2030, creating unprecedented business opportunities for Swiss companies to participate.

Australia - Rail and Rail Infrastructure

Our report and our webinar explore Australia’s rapidly growing rail market in fixed and rolling rail stock. They provide valuable insights for Swiss-based organisations that operate in these markets and provide relevant technologies, products, and services.

Apart from describing Australia’s rail sector, and providing key metrics of the size and characteristics of the market, the report and webinar also identify:

  • The major players currently operating in Australia’s rail sector and key senior management contacts;
  • The value and type of rail projects across Australia at the ‘announcement’ stage;
  • Major projects that are currently underway along with the successful tenders or shortlisted tenderers;
  • The key four main rail categories and sub-categories; 
  • Technologies, products, and services that are required now or will be required in the future in each category; 
  • Business opportunities by cross-matching specific skills and product sets of Swiss-based companies with those required in Australia.

In addition, the report presents the findings of in-depth interviews undertaken with two Swiss companies operating in Australia’s rail sector and their views about the market. In particular, the impact of complying with local standards and various customer requirements in different domains on product costs. The interviews also explore how digitalisation is being planned, adopted, and implemented across Australia’s rail sector and the sustainable opportunities it presents.

The findings also include insights into their specific experiences before and post establishing their respective businesses in Australia. The things that went well and the things that could have been done better. These experiences identify potential pitfalls that will help other Swiss-based organisations contemplating doing business in Australia avoid. 

Individual Consultation

If you are interested in the Austrialian market and would like to discuss the potential of your products and services in the railway sector, contact our Senior Consultant for Australia!

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