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Sustainability and the European Green Deal

The most important information for Swiss companies regarding exports to Austria

The changing legal and economic framework in Austria towards a climate-neutral and sustainable future presents both challenges and numerous opportunities for companies. The aim of this report is to highlight these opportunities and challenges to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to convey a brief and concise understanding of sustainability issues in the European Union and Austria.

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Importance of the EU Green Deal for Austria

The report provides an overview of the sustainability issues that Swiss and Liechtenstein companies have to address in their business activities in Austria in the short to medium term. Regulations are gradually being adapted towards sustainability based on the European Green Deal. For companies, there are both challenges and numerous opportunities in Austria.

On the Green Deal in Austria

In order to be better prepared for the changing legal and economic conditions in Austria towards a climate-neutral and sustainable future, the report first provides a brief description of the European Green Deal’s orientation. It provides the framework for many (forthcoming) laws and regulations. Subsequently, the Taxonomy Regulation, the EU reporting obligation and their relevance to small and medium-sized enterprises are explained. Finally, a number of specific measures promised for Austria are presented. Download the report and get ready to successfully internationalize to Austria.

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