Fact Sheet

Market entry in India: Regulatory requirements

When exporting goods and services to India, with what kind of regulations regarding safety, labelling or food standards do you need to comply? How do you need to register your product? How do customs duties work? Our factsheet provides an overview of the legal framework for entering the Indian market.


Our guide details the following subjects:

1. How are Indian customs duties calculated?

2. Which import and export regulations apply?

3. How is the Indian currency exchange regulated?

4. Basic steps of how to register a product in India

5. What kinds of taxes do individuals and corporations need to pay including the goods and services tax?

6. How can you collect payment in India?

7. An overview of how the commercial law and how to set up a company in India and the differences between a branche office, a liaison office, project office, franchise or a wholly owned subsidiary as well as joint ventures

8. How is the labour of foreigners regulated via entry conditions and work permits?

Also check out our check-list on the documents needed for your first shipment to India.

While our guide offers your a first introduction, many of these questions will have very individual answers for your company. To search our customs data base to find customs tariffs in India specifically for your products or to create individual check-lists for technical export questions register with our GoGlobal Cockpit


India - Market entry regulation (April 2021)


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