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Your chance for success in the Turkish construction sector

The construction sector is an extremely important pillar of the Turkish economy. In our fact sheet we will provide you with useful information about the sector and the biggest Turkish contractors.


Besides having a substantial impact on the internal economic system, the Turkish contractors and construction materials producers elevate the Turkish balance of payments in a favorable direction in Turkey. Comparing on an international scale, Turkey is ranked as the second country with the most contractor companies among the Top 250 International Contractors. 

Since the start of Turkish contractors operating internationally in 1972, in total 10.725 projects have been realized in 128 countries. Most of the projects have been in Eurasia (46.0%) and Middle East(25.6%), followed by the regions Africa (17.4%), Europe (7.1%), South Asia & Far East (3.0%) and North & South America (0.9%).

Fact sheet: Turkish Contractors – Gateway to Africa & Asia

In our fact sheet you will get to know the construction sector in Turkey. We will also provide you with a list of the biggest Turkish contractors.

Download our fact sheet now and get ahead in the Turkish construction sector.


Fact sheet: Turkish Contractors - Gateway to Africa & Asia (07/2021)


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