Fact Sheet

Opportunities in the Chinese hydrogen market

China has great plans for hydrogen. Opportunities abound in China for Swiss companies with innovative technologies, but where should they start? Find out more in our fact sheet.


Building a hydrogen economy is of strategic importance for the country, not only to meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2060 but also to ensure its place at the global vanguard of a cutting-edge industry. Decarbonising upstream hydrogen generation is also a crucial, albeit longer-term, goal. China is the largest producer of hydrogen in the world, making about 25m tonnes in 2020. Over 90% is currently used for industrial purposes such as oil refining and metals processing, while < 1% is used in FCVs. 

Fact sheet: Hydrogen economy in China

This factsheet provides an overview of the hydrogen economy and outlines key information Swiss firms need to navigate China’s vast and evolving market. Download our factsheet now and get ahead in the Chinese hydrogen market.



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