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Colombia: the next fintech hotspot in Latin America

Covid-19 was the spark that kicked off a revolution and strengthened Colombia’s position as third most important Fintech ecosystem in Latin America. Now is the time to tackle this window of opportunity.

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Colombia has been ready for a Fintech revolution for quite some time. With a large informal economy neglected by the financial system and a large, highly connected but underserved population, it offered the key ingredients for this to happen.

Yet until recently, other ingredients were missing: e-commerce and digital payments were underused for consumers’ fear of being scammed, venture capital was hardly available to Colombian startups, and there was no startup ecosystem with the know-how to form and support budding entrepreneurs.

The impact of the pandemic

Learn more about how the pandemic accelerated the growth of the country's fintech industry and why Swiss companies should start to take their claim before the market gets too crowded.



Colombia: the next fintech hotspot in Latin America (10/2021)


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