Fact Sheet

Dietary and Health Supplements in Indonesia

Indonesia is an attractive country for the dietary and health supplement market, both for domestic and imported products, due to its large population and high demand for dietary supplements, which is not fully met by the local market. Our factsheet provides you with an overview of the market and its challenges and opportunities for Swiss SMEs. 

health supplements

When entering the Indonesian market, foreign companies also need to consider some aspects, ranging from market penetration through Indonesian partners to product registration and halal certificates, if required. In addition, domestic herbal supplement products may be considered competitors due to strong development in the market. To plan your business expansion properly, it is recommended to first identify the business opportunities related to your products and figure out possible challenges in the Indonesian market through Swiss Business Hub Indonesia services.

This factsheet will thus focus on the following topics: 

  • Market Overview
  • Consumer Analysis 
  • Distribution Channels 
  • Regulatory Framework 
  • Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations


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