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COVID-19 boost for the e-commerce market in Poland

This paper overviews the expanding e-commerce market in Poland which offers growing investment opportunities.

Poland’s e-commerce is booming. The market is set to enjoy a high growth rate over the next years, esp. for food and health & beauty. The appetite for parcel machines and storage space has increased too.

Sosnowiec, May 10, 2022, Poland, Amazon warehouses photos from the drone. Aerial photos for Amazon warehouses in Poland, Sosnowiec. Concept of online stores, Amazon sale.

This publication offers a brief overview of the rapid development of e-commerce in Poland, which has been further accelerated by the pandemic. In terms of market profile, Poland is still punching below its weight and the potential for e-commerce expansion is huge. 

Growing numbers and fast development

The number of companies investing in e-business and offering dedicated apps is constantly growing. Polish Allegro and Inpost are local e-commerce champions. The fastest developing services are grocery sales and home delivery. E-commerce has also been the major contributor to the robust growth of parcel machines and warehouse capacity. 

Increased demand for digital development professionals

This boom has set the scene for an increased demand for digital development professionals and managers. Prospectively, the share of online shopping in Poland should reach 20% of retail sales by 2026 (10% in 2019), while the average e-commerce spending per buyer is forecasted to increase by roughly 60% in 2020-2026.


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