Fact Sheet

Perspectives for hydrogen-powered railways in Poland

The importance of hydrogen solutions for rolling stock producers, carriers and local authorities

A number of carriers and local authorities in Poland have expressed their interest in rolling stock with hydrogen cells. An optimistic scenario for hydrogen-powered trains foresees that their market share could reach 41% by 2030. In our factsheet we give an overview on hydrogen transport development in Poland aimed at Swiss suppliers interested in this market.

Hydrogen tramway

Poland sees hydrogen as a means to cut emissions in transport. Its hydrogen strategy mentions the construction of trains and locomotives with hydrogen propulsion systems. A number of rail carriers have already expressed their interest in purchasing rolling stock equipped with hydrogen cells. Poland is well-positioned to carry-out substantial hydrogen investments in its railway sector due to the presence of major manufacturers of rolling stock in the country and a huge appetite for new rail vehicles. In 2023, PKP Energetyka will launch the first 100% green hydrogen installation to supply a traction in the region of Lower Silesia. Local authorities are also showing growing awareness of hydrogen energy as an alternative fuel for transport and an increasing interest in experimental hydrogen projects. An optimistic scenario for the development of hydrogen-powered trains in Poland foresees that their market share could reach 41% by 2030.

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