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Halal Regulation Update in Indonesia

The halal market is growing at double-digit rates in many countries worldwide, the average five-year growth rate for the Indonesian market is estimated at 34%. Would you like to know how you can benefit from Halal certification when exporting your products to Indonesia? Find out more in the factsheet compiled by our Swiss Business Hub and in our recorded webinar.

Products and services need to meet certain standards to be certified as halal.
Products and services need to meet certain standards to be certified as halal.

Around 87% of the Indonesian population are Muslims, therefore it is important that exported products and services meet the halal requirements of local consumers.

Which products and services need to be certified?

Products that must be certified are divided into two i.e. goods and services. The goods that must be certified are food, beverages, drugs, cosmetics, chemical, biological, genetically modified, and consumer goods that are worn, used, or utilized by the public and that originate from animal substances. The services that must be halal certified are slaughterhouses, processing, storing, packaging, distribution, selling and display. The Non-halal products can still be sold, however they will carry non halal information.

Why do certain products need to be certified?

Halal certification is an important provision introduced by the Indonesian government to provide convenience, safety and protection to Indonesian consumers and to add value to goods produced and sold in Indonesia.

Fact sheet: Halal Regulation Update in Indonesia

Would you like to export your goods and services to Indonesia and learn more about this topic? The fact sheet, which was compiled by our local experts at the Swiss Business Hub Indonesia, provides information on the current Halal regulations, gives an overview of the certification process and insights into current legislation and future changes. You will find the factsheet at the end of this article. 

Webinar: opportunities of the halal market

Learn more about halal in Indonesia and Malaysia in our recorded webinar. Our experts show which opportunities Swiss manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages can benefit from, explain Muslim consumer behavior and the most important developments in the global halal market.


Halal Regulation Update in Indonesia (01/2022)


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