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Nigeria: Cleantech Factsheet

The growing availability of cleantech projects and products in Nigeria allow companies to buy renewable energy at competitive prices, enabled by leading edge solutions. Clean technology has helped in improving efficiency, mitigating the environmental risks and business activities and reducing waste (e.g. physical waste, energy waste, emission waste etc).

Nigeria: Cleantech Factsheet

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country with growing energy needs, potentially, has abundant sunshine throughout the year, making it full thirst for solar energy generation. The country’s solar energy projects have not realized a fair result over the years, due to many barriers associated with initiatives implementation.

Nigeria is the biggest and most attractive off-grid opportunity in Africa, and one of the best locations in the world for mini grids and solar home systems.

Read our snapshot below with a short market overview, business opportunities, the most common challenges and our market entry recommendations.

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Nigeria: Cleantech Factsheet (02/2023)



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