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USA: Fintech Snapshot

Download our snapshot of the US Fintech sector, where we present a market overview with the main figures, business opportunities, challenges and recommendations.

USA Fintech Snapshot

Swiss Fintech companies show a big interest in the US Fintech market, that offers a developed ecosystem. The market is consolidated and led by a number of strong players, that drive technology and innovation and offer partnership strategies. As the sector is still young there are good growth perspectives and business opportunities for companies that can persist in this competitive market.

North America appears to be the largest region for fintech with a market share of 35% representing 40.36 billion in revenue. For the USA alone, the market shows great potential for growth as several industry reports relate an astounding CAGR of 8.6% until at least the year 2024.

The Swiss Business Hub USA is here to help you perform market analysis in your segment to make sure your company is ready to enter the American market.

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USA: Fintech Snapshot (01/23)



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