Fact Sheet

Energy sector in Guatemala

Guatemala has a small energy market, but is experiencing the effects of the energy transition. The sector is demanding technology to keep up with the challenges of generating and distributing energy throughout the country.


Renewable energy in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country with great potential and business opportunities due to its strategic geographic location and a wide variety of economic activities. Currently, renewable energy has an increasing presence in the country's energy matrix. Guatemala has many untapped resources that could be transformed into business opportunities.

The Guatemalan electricity market

The electricity market in Guatemala has been operating as a free market since 1996, when the activities of the electricity industry were separated, opening the generation and commercialization of energy to free competition. The operation of the electricity market is carried out by public and private institutions.  Explore our factsheet to learn more about the development of the energy sector in Guatemala and related business opportunities.

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Energy sector in Guatemala overview



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