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Product and industrial design in Switzerland

Switzerland is well-known throughout the world for its high-quality precision technology products, which are not only functional, but also of elegant design.

3D visualization at Connova AG

The Swiss watch, machine, electrical and metal industries are flagships for the successful combination of first-class technology and esthetics. The positive reputation of Swiss products ultimately results from the important roles played by product and industrial design during the production process. This is evident in everyday items such as fully automatic coffee machines, as well as in industrial products such as modern machine tools.

A large number of Swiss designers have therefore been among the winners of internationally renowned design competitions for many years. Switzerland came in second in the international Red Dot Awards in the category of "product design" over a 25-year period, behind Germany and ahead of the USA, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Austria and Sweden. The basis for this success lies in the excellent training opportunities at technical universities, art colleges and universities, which yield numerous young and creative product and industrial designers each year.


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