Fact Sheet

Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland

As a production location, Switzerland offers companies optimal conditions to optimize their manufacturing processes through increased efficiency and cost savings and to set up high-performance production facilities.

Switzerland - a top location for advanced manufacturing

Thanks to its traditional watch, mechanical, electrical and metal as well as medtech industry, Switzerland has developed a highly industrialized precision cluster, now occupying a leading position in the field of advanced production processes (Industry 4.0). Characterized by particularly close cooperation between leading research centers and innovative industry, Switzerland offers international companies ideal conditions to optimize their manufacturing processes and to set up high-performance production facilities. The great availability of skilled technical staff due to the Swiss vocational system and a liberal labor law increase efficiency and productivity further. Switzerland is thus an excellent starting point for efficient supply chain management for the European market or for setting up highly automated production facilities. 

Switzerland is particularly well positioned to address new challenges many companies face when it comes to keeping their supply chain intact. The alpine country has repeatedly proven strong and resilient amidst global crises. Here companies not only profit from a stable and low-risk environment but also from a brand that has been consistently linked to high quality, technological superiority and trust:  “made in Switzerland.” 




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