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Switzerland - your customer-centric sales and marketing hub

Companies benefit from big data and new business models.

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Digital channels have transformed markets hugely in the last decades, blurring the distinction between products and services. Customers are better informed and demand higher quality products and an array of support services; companies now have access to large amounts of data. A business’ ability to analyse and use this data to create more sales or new business models is vital for its success. However, this opportunity also brings a significant challenge: companies must be able to guarantee the security of customer data. Businesses with the most insightful understanding and high customer data protection will be the ones that grow and prosper in the new environment.

Digitalisation has also contributed to the globalisation of trade, and the high growth markets in Asia, Latin American and Africa offer favourable prospects to companies that are able to access them through numerous trade and investment protection agreements.Due to the increasing regulation of markets, products and services, companies must also be able to ensure regulatory and statutory compliance. Switzerland not only offers advanced services for big data analysis, but also robust data protection and an efficient legal, communication and administrative infrastructure that keeps compliance simple and manageable. In short, Switzerland is the perfect location for a customer-centric regional or global sales and marketing operation. 


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