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Authentic Swiss products attract affluent customers.

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A solid brand strategy communicates a company’s personality, values and beliefs, and attracts and retains employees and customers. ‘Made in Switzerland’ is a strong brand attribute conveying confidence and trust. It is awarded only when at least 60% of a product’s value, including R&D costs, is created in Switzerland. Swiss products are known for their superior quality, reliability and elegant, functional design – attributes that have made Switzerland one of the most competitive countries in the world. The Swiss market is highly developed: consumers not only have sophisticated tastes but also the financial means to afford brand name products. This makes the country an ideal test market and a perfect base for international expansion. The high value of Swiss-made products results from Switzerland’s unique combination of talented designers and skilled manufacturing capabilities.

In today’s market, innovation, design and production are viewed holistically, and authentic products created in one geographic location are highly desirable. To safeguard its identity, a brand requires effective intellectual property (IP) protection; this should be an integral part of a company’s business strategy and beneficial from a business and tax perspective. With Swiss-made products, these pieces fall into place – so your brand can win the hearts and minds of new and returning customers. 

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