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Switzerland – your research and development hub

Innovations are growth engines. They provide access to new markets and customers.

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Innovations are growth engines. They provide access to new markets and customers. Research and development (R&D) is the driving force behind innovations; an integrated R&D strategy is therefore crucial for long-term success and global competitiveness. Moreover, collaborative research, a term that describes the close cooperation between academia, research institutes and the private sector, is the key to accelerated technological innovation. Collaborative research clusters are often established in locations where a combination of highly trained experts and scientists, first-class universities, excellent infrastructure and companies with complementary expertise exist. 

The concentration of companies and start-ups working in the same industry in one geographic area fosters innovation and attracts investors and highly skilled employees. This is precisely why Switzerland regularly tops the ranks of global competitiveness reports. Switzerland is also one of the countries with the highest R&D gross investments in the world: according to the OECD, Switzerland ranks seventh before countries such as the United States of America and France. 

With its pool of international employees, its sophisticated business culture and advanced infrastructure, Switzerland provides the ideal environment for R&D organization especially in the life sciences or communication and information technology industries, and optimal conditions for attracting internationally recognized researchers and experts.


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