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Switzerland – your smart manufacturing hub

Smart manufacturing takes advantage of high-tech breakthroughs

Manufacturing at Pilatus Aircraft

Manufacturing practices are changing rapidly. The Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and cyber-physical systems are transforming industry, making the business of production and manufacture faster, more efficient and smarter. Known as Industry 4.0, the new methods and philosophies bring massive advantages to companies that can adapt to the new era and position themselves in a high-tech environment that provides leading research centres, excellent infrastructure and highly skilled employees.

Switzerland, a leading location for high added-value manufacturing, more than fulfils these requirements, with the added advantage of a flexible legal, fiscal and political environment. As a hub for smart manufacturing, Switzerland has already attracted a number of highly successful companies in the biotechlife sciences and microelectronics sectors. These companies form clusters that operate along an entire value chain and provide the critical mass necessary for effective and mutually beneficial collaboration. As a manufacturer of complex pharmaceutical, technical, medical or luxury products, Switzerland is the place to continue your journey towards Industry 4.0.


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