Machinery Safety in Brazil: The NR-12 Norm explained and simplified

The transformation industry in Brazil has a strong demand for high-technology machinery and equipment that can upgrade the industrial process and make it more efficient, safer and with better-quality. Our report provides a brief overview the NR-12 norm for machinery safety.

MEM_machinery safety

Considering the value added in the manufacturing process, the most important industrial sectors in the Brazilian market are:

  • Food, 
  • Petroleum Products and Biofuels, 
  • Chemicals, 
  • Metallurgy, and 
  • Automotive.

Despite the considerable diversification of its local industry, the most innovative machinery solutions are still imported, which is reflected in market studies that forecast the imports of machinery and equipment to reach US$ 27.3B by 2024, a 56% growth in comparison to the US$ 17.5 B imported in 2019. 

In order for Swiss companies to take advantage of this huge potential, it is important to comply with safety standards and norms in Brazil, such as NR-12 (the main standard for issues related to the safety of machinery and equipment), detailed in this report. 


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