Public Procurement in Russia – A How-To Guide for Swiss SMEs

Russian public procurement is not easily accessible for foreign companies. Nevertheless, there are several examples of Swiss companies participating successfully in public tenders, which show that there are ways and methods to deal with these challenges. In the document you can download below, the Swiss Business Hub Russia provides you with some advice on dealing with public procurement in Russia.


Known challenges include announcements which are usually done in Russian only, the documentation which you have to hand in in Russian, specific Russian standards and low transparency of the processes. On the positive side, the state sector in Russia has very significant resources. Also for some companies, the public sector is the only possible market.

How can Swiss companies seize opportunities in Russian public tenders?

In the document below the Swiss Business Hub Russia is giving tips and tricks to Swiss companies that would like to participate in public tenders, including participation as subcontractor, together with a local partner or the localisation of production which should be considered. Our experts outline as well what the benefit of the definition of a winning UPS is and what has to be taken into account regarding legal provisions in Russia.

It is important to perfectly know the sector and the Russian specifics and to be well introduced to the contractor, which should know not only your company, but also the USP of your offering before the formal start of a given procurement process.

Read more about these topics in the "How-To-Guide for Swiss SMEs" below:

  • Legal Provisions
  • Winning USP
  • Participation as Subcontractor
  • Participation with a Local Partner
  • Localisation of Production


Public Procurement: A How-To-Guide for Swiss SMEs (01/2021)


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