To drive Indonesia’s digital health industry – Swiss innovation is needed

With 175 million internet users in Indonesia, a young, digitally savvy population and a high penetration of mobile devices, Indonesia has great potential for Swiss digital health solutions. Seize the opportunity to learn about this market in our report below and collaborate for success.


Did you know that Indonesia is the largest and fastest growing internet economy within the ASEAN region? Growth is driven by a digitally savvy young population and high penetration of mobile devices.

With 175 million internet users in Indonesia, the use of virtual medical services has increased significantly as people try to obtain Covid-19 consultation and treatments without a need going to hospitals and clinics. Over the recent years, more than 150 digital health ecosystem players have been formed to address these unmet healthcare demand.

Business opportunities for Swiss digital health solutions

It is the right time for Switzerland companies to learn, to collaborate and to strengthen partnership with the Indonesian Digital Health community. Some key business opportunities are: medical records, health data analysis, implanted sensors, diagnostic supports, patient journeys, development of oncology treatment and prevention plans, robotic surgery assistants, disinfectant robots, chronic disease treatment platforms, stem-cell treatments, genomic editing and personalized medicine.

If your business is mature and ready for export, don't miss the right moment to explore and enter Indonesia's emerging digital health landscape. Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Swiss Business Hub Indonesia will support you on your way to export to the best of their ability!



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