Canada: Guide for a successful Digital Marketing & Branding strategy

How can Swiss companies successfully introduce a new brand or accelerate the penetration of an existing brand in Canada? Our report provides you with tips, best practices and a case study.

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Swiss companies looking to expand to Canada (and the broader North American market) face both great market potential and significant challenges. Successfully introducing a new brand or simply accelerating the penetration of an existing Swiss brand requires understanding of how Canadian consumers and businesses buy and in what way are they different or similar to their counterparts all over the world.

With this in mind, we wish to provide some valuable information to Swiss firms that have an interest in the Canadian market in the form of some key guidelines for understanding the digital profile of Canadian consumers, marketing and selling to them through digital channels.

The following topics are covered in the report:

1. Profile of the Canadian digital consumer

  • Consumer Behavior: Types of products, Selling channels, Consumers in the Province of Quebec

2. Canadian Digital Marketing Best Practices and Advice

  • Marketing to Canadians
  • Developing a new customer acquisition strategy
  • Ensuring the brand website drives conversion and e-commerce revenues
  • Leveraging Email-Marketing as key driver
  • Developing brand and product content that drives revenues

3. Selecting the right agency partners to support your Marketing in Canada
4. Case Study: On Shoes



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