Selling successfully to China with e-commerce

Guidebook: Crossborder E-Commerce in China

China is already the world’s leading e-commerce market and will soon become the number one in retail sales, replacing the United States. Our guidebook offers insight into how you as a Swiss company can successfully sell to China with e-commerce.

E-Commerce China

China’s cross-border e-commerce boom started at the end of 2013 as a result of the increased demand for foreign products by the rising middle class. As it quickly became the first option for international brands to test the market before committing to a full expansion, several mechanisms were implemented to facilitate online trade that went from simplified legislation to fast last-mile delivery.

When selling to China as a Swiss company with e-commerce, there are many questions to consider. For example, what does the regulatory landscape look like, which business model is suitable and how do I get the goods to the end consumer in China.

Guidebook: How to successfully sell via e-commerce to China?

The Swiss Business Hub China and Web2Asia provide a guidebook that answers the questions above and much more. It can be downloaded below and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to e-commerce in China: industry development, key market players, consumer behavior
  • Introduction to cross-border e-commerce in China: definition, difference to domestic e-commerce, business models
  • Legal framework: basic regulations and requirements, purchase threshold, consumption tax, consumer protection
  • How to sell on cross-border e-commerce in China: requirements, positive list, marketplace self-owned store application process, distribution
  • Operation practices: cross-border e-commerce logistics models, direct shipping, bonded warehouse, global fulfillment centers (GFC), overseas consolidation centers, digital marketing, operation partners
  • Cost & risk analysis: general picture of operation costs, currency and cashflow
  • Dos & don’ts
  • Practical checklist




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