A comprehensive frame guideline about public procurement laws in Italy

Most investments in Italy related to the Next Generation EU are made via public bodies. Therefore, understanding the public procurement regulations is crucial. The new frame guideline, which includes the reform of the tendering code (April 2023) gives a detailed insight from a Swiss perspective.

Italy skyline
Italy skyline

Awarding of projects through public tenders in Italy

Italy will do considerable investments in the near future in the context of Next Generation EU. Most of these investments are done via public bodies and therefore understanding the public procurement regulations is vital for participating in tendering processes.

Even though Italy has an elevated complexity in public administration and hence in public procurement, the opportunities in the country are quite considerable. In the context of the recovery planning of the European Union through NextGenerationEU and its 750 billion fund, Italy has been allocated the biggest share of all members states with more than 200 billions Euro.

Unique opportunities for Swiss companies in the public sector

This allows to perform considerable investments over the coming years and at the same time to speed up delayed projects. Main investments will be done in the areas of infrastructure, health, digitalization and green revolution through the various public stakeholders.

It is a matter of fact that in many areas technology and innovation has to be imported. This opens a unique export opportunity for leadings companies of Swisstech with their innovation-lead. A specific monitoring of tender publications and understanding the legal requirements,
might therefore be the first step to open new relevant markets.

Frame guidelines and individual support for your business in Italy

The frame guidelines give detailed insights about the regulation frame and the specifics for Swiss companies. The study has been elaborated by FIELDFISHER law firm, a major international player who offers its specific support during all steps of the tendering process. Swiss Business Hub Italy has a longstanding collaboration with the expert and can organize informal meetings for Swiss companies.



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