Australia’s Hydrogen market: Business opportunities

Australia is aiming to become a major producer and exporter of hydrogen. There are numerous business opportunities for Switzerland and Swiss SMEs to work and collaborate with Australia in this area. Find relevant insights in our report.


In September 2020, the Australian Government formally recognized hydrogen as a ‘priority technology’ and since then, this sector has seen an unprecedented rate of growth and development. The government is investing billions of dollars in the pursuit of new industries, reinvigorate its ailing manufacturing sectors, and securing and utilising smart technologies to accelerate its transition to Industrie 4.0. Collectively, this positions Australia as an attractive and fertile environment in which to do business.

Report: Business opportunities for Swiss companies and organizations

For Swiss companies, engineers, consultancies, and universities there is great potential, which will need to be seized quickly due to the rapid growth and interest from other countries. Close collaborations with certain countries have already been cemented with Memorandums of Understanding. This report provides a current overview of the first half of 2021 in this sector in Australia, but some of the information will become outdated quickly, due to the rapidly changing environment, research, and collaborations. Further company-specific opportunities can be explored. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


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