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The Romanian infrastructure market has great potential. This offers a variety of opportunities for Swiss businesses. Learn more about the key players and get market insights in our report.



With 238,400 sq. km and 20 million inhabitants, Romania ranks 8th in area and 6thin population among the 27 EU countries, and is located at the edge of the European Union, close to large non-EU countries like Ukraine, Russian Federation, and Turkey. Its location gives rise to a potential for international transit traffic. However, the highway network has a significantly lower density than in the EU27 and its neighbouring countries. Furthermore, there are only two active connections to the EU network. Above all, the lack of highways is increasingly becoming a bottleneck factor for economic development.

Report: Road infrastructure projects in Romania

In our report you will learn more about the current motorway network in Romania and the planned projects in this sector. We will also provide you with the key players and market insights of the Romanian road construction industry.

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