Digital Health and Medtech sector in Australia

Australia has an advanced healthcare system, world-class health and medical research sector, and an entrepreneurial and successful technology sector. Our report provides you with an overview of the MedTech and Digital Health Sectors in Australia, as well as potential business opportunities for Swiss digital health companies in this market.

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Australia’s population is at around 25.7 million, compared with 8.6 million in Switzerland and the health care expenditure (based on 2018 figures) is around CHF 81.9b in Switzerland (~12% of GDP) and CHF 122.7b in Australia (~10% of GDP). There are 1,350 hospitals and specialist clinics in Australia, 693 of which are public and approximately 101,841* clinicians and non clinicians in Australia. (*This figure excludes dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists etc.) There are around 344,941 registered nurses in Australia.

National Heath Challenges & Trends

Australia’s health system faces similar pressures to others globally, including rising costs of healthcare, driven by increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, an aging population, access to services, and gaps in workforce and infrastructure. Evolving customer expectations are driving a need for more personalised, digital and seamless and integrated care experiences.

Where is Australia in terms of digital Health?

The adoption of digital health services in Australia has been dramatically accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Australian Government developed the National Digital Health Strategy in 2018, providing a road map for a coordinated and collaborative approach by state and federal governments.

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Report: Digital Health and Medtech sector in Australia (09/2021)


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