India: The world’s fastest growing fintech market

While fintech in India started off with payment platforms, the industry has since expanded far beyond just payments, into most of the modern fintech segments of the world. In our report you will gain market insights and learn about concrete business opportunities in the fintech sector in India.


India has the 3rd largest fintech startup ecosystem globally, with one of the highest fintech adoption rates in the world. Some estimates put the current size of the Fintech market in India at USD 31 billion and project the market to grow at a CAGR of 22% to reach USD 84 billion by 2025. India also offers one of the highest returns on investment on Fintech projects globally, at 29%.

Report: Opportunities for Swiss Fintech in India

In our report you will learn about the factors that influence the growth of the Fintech sector in India. We will provide you with specific business opportunities for Swiss companies in the Fintech sector in India. Download our report now and benefit from our knowledge.


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