How to comply with China’s Export Control Law

In recent years, China has rolled out a number of regulations to control sensitive imports and exports, including the new Export Control Law following China's announcement of Provisions on the Unreliable Entity List ("UEL") under which blacklisted entities can be restricted or prevented from trading with China. What do Swiss exporters need to know? 

Chinese container with the flag of the People's Republic of China in the port

The Law took effect on December 1, 2020. It establishes China’s first comprehensive framework to restrict the export of dual-use and military products, technology and services, as well as the export of technology for national security and public policy reasons. Through the Law, the export and transfer of products, technologies, and services may be prohibited or subjected to licensing requirements based on the product features, as well as their end users, end-uses or destinations. 

Given the importance of the Chinese market and the complexity of the Chinese fast changing international trade policy, this article is aiming to help Swiss companies gain an overview of the framework of the law and better understand what could be prohibited or sensitive to import from China.



How to comply with China’s Export Control Law



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