General conditions for public procurement in Germany

A practical overview of the German tendering procedure of public contracting authorities

Public procurement law in Germany is very complex and fragmented due to the federal state structure, but it does offer great potential for companies. It is therefore crucial, if a company wishes to participate in a tender, to be familiar with the provisions that govern public procurement. This overview provides detailed insights from a Swiss perspective.


The public sector in Germany awards contracts worth hundreds of billions of euros to private companies every year.

Most of these are run through public agencies on a federal, state or municipal level. However, public contracting authorities include both public institutions as well as certain private companies in some areas of public infrastructure, such as drinking water supply, transport or energy supply.

In the coming years, significant investments will be made in the areas of infrastructure, health and digitization, energy and green technologies, among others. A keen eye for tender announcements and thorough knowledge of the legal requirements should therefore be the first step into new, relevant markets.

Swiss companies can participate on equal terms in public tenders in all EU member states.

However, country-specific public procurement procedures must be taken into account in each case. This comprehensive guide conveys the legal principles of German public procurement law and offers practical assistance to companies for submitting bids in German public procurement procedures.

General guidelines and individual support for your business in Germany

This study was prepared by FIELDFISHER, a leading international business law firm, which offers its support for all steps within the tendering process. The Swiss Business Hub Germany and S-GE work closely with the firm’s experts and would be happy to refer you to the right contact there.



General conditions for public procurement in Germany


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