Medtech in Argentina

A market of opportunities

Argentina offers a substantial business potential for Swiss medical technology - often overlooked because of the generally difficult economic situation of the Latin American country. We explain how Swiss medtech firms can still benefit.

Surgery and medical technology devices

Argentina, with a population of 45.8 million people, has a relatively important medical devices industry. The level of resources to finance health is substantial with circa US$42 billion per year (9.4% of GDP 2019). 

In 2017, the total turnover of the medical technology sector was around US$2 billion (manufacturers, importers, distributors, service providers and traders), and US$450 million was produced locally. From the 2,000 registered importers, 690 import more than US$100,000 per year. Swiss participation in the annual US$ 1.1 billion import is still timid, meaning there are opportunities to be tackled.

This report aims to identify the business opportunities for Swiss companies in this sector by addressing the following questions:

  • Which Medtech products does Argentina produce and export?
  • How significant is the Swiss share in Argentina's Medtech imports?
  • Which are the legal requirements for market authorization?
  • How are logistics and distribution dealt with?
  • What is the potential of the Argentinian market for Swiss Medtech exports and which are the main challenges for success?

Download the full report below this article and find out which sectors are of relevance and how to increase your participation in this promising market.

Also check the video interviews with local expert to get firsthand information on the market dynamics.

Jose Luis Puiggari – Hospital Universitario Austral

Victoria del Castillo – Argentine Chamber of Medical Supplies, Implants and Equipment

Vernon Grimberg – Grimberg Dentales

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