China - Treat Unexpected Business Proposals with Caution

Learn how to recognize fraud in China and how to deal with the situation.


As China reopens to the world and attempts to get its supply chain back on track, the number of complaints from Swiss companies falling victim to various frauds orchestrated by some Chinese companies has increased. The methods used for such fraudulent activities can be diverse and insidious. In response, Swiss companies must do their best to detect any red flag and avoid falling into their trap. As prevention is better than a cure, our goal is to raise Swiss companies’ awareness, help them recognize these activities, and enable them to deal with the situation.

Download the guide below to learn more about risk factors, different versions of fraud and operational red flags. 


Switzerland Global Enterprise can introduce professional and experienced auditors for the on-site inspection of goods, as well as lawyers who can provide legal advice, due diligence, and possible legal action to any Swiss company who experienced commercial fraud in China.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact our consultant Daniel Bont or our team at the Swiss Business Hub China.


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