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Russia: Business Opportunities for Swiss Suppliers in Oil&Gas Engineering

The current import substitution initiative in Russia opens several business opportunities for suppliers of the oil&gas engineering industry. The Swiss Business Hub presents in its report  interesting export options and an excellent opportunity for suppliers from Switzerland.

Business opportunities in the oil&gas engineering for Swiss Suppliers
Business opportunities in the oil&gas engineering for Swiss Suppliers

Modernization and Expansion in the oil&gas industry in Russia

Through the ongoing investments in the modernization and expansion of local production in the oil&gas engineering industry in Russia numerous opportunities for foreign suppliers, including Swiss companies occurr. In total, the research done by the Swiss Bussiness Hub reveals that there are at least 24 major investment projects in preparation, which offer business opportunities for Swiss suppliers.

Perspectives for the supply of goods and equipment from Switzerland

At the current time, Russian companies remain dependent on the supply of foreign equipment, materials and components. According to forecasts through 2020, the share of imported equipment and technologies in many areas of this segment will remain at the 60-80% level. The need in the petroleum engineering sector and the potential for import substitution exist in the following areas:

  • Technologies, engineering and services for well operation and increasing oil recovery rates
  • Drilling technologies for directional, horizontal and multi-hole wells
  • Liquefied natural gas technologies
  • Technologies for hydrocarbon raw materials processing
  • Technologies and equipment used to implement offshore projects
  • Technologies and equipment for oil and gas transportation
  • Technologies and equipment for geological prospecting

You can access more detailed information about concrete opportunities in the provided report below. For in-depth knowledge and personal assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Lorenz Widmer, Head of Swiss Business Hub Russia persönlich. Contact Now!


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