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Medtech in Japan: Opportunities for Swiss Suppliers

Japan is the world’s third largest medical device market and a top destination for Swiss medtech companies. With major demographic changes taking place and companies fighting to stay globally competitive, the market is opening up even more to Swiss suppliers.   

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Japan’s Changing Landscape

Japan has a rapidly aging population; over 28% of the population is over the age of 65 and the government estimates that the number will exceed 40% by 2040. This is contributing to ballooning healthcare expenditures and a shortage of healthcare workers. Further, Japanese companies are increasingly feeling the pressure of globalization, as they hold ground against market leaders from Western nations while fending off rising competition from surrounding markets led by China. To address these challenges, the government is looking to technology as the key to both mitigating the burden of providing quality care and building a robust industry that can compete on the global stage. To accelerate innovation in the medtech industry, Japan is looking beyond its borders for sources of new technologies, providing Swiss suppliers with a unique opportunity to forge business partnerships with Japanese companies.

Opportunities in the Sector

  • Technologies that can help to increase the productivity of healthcare professionals
  • Components and materials for medical devices that enhance clinical outcomes
  • Components, materials and processing technologies that can achieve cost reductions
  • Technologies in key growth areas, such as robotics, artificial organs, home care, minimally invasive treatment, and diagnostic imaging
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies that can strengthen Japan’s capabilities in production and processing
  • Novel solutions incorporating big data, artificial intelligence and internet-of-things

Japan as a Gateway to Other Markets

In order to maintain growth and compete internationally, Japanese medtech companies are pursuing aggressive M&A strategies within and outside of Japan, giving them greater access to strategic assets and enabling expansion into new markets. Furthermore, some companies are extending production to other markets to decrease costs. These factors are bolstering the influence of Japan-based companies, making Japan an even greater gateway to other markets, particularly in the Asian region.

How you can benefit from the opportunity

If you would like to further evaluate the opportunities related to the Japanese medtech market or find out more about doing business in Japan, please get in touch with our Consultant Japan, Jacqueline Tschumi.

SWISS Pavilion at Medtec Japan

18 – 20 March 2019                Medtec Japan (Tokyo)

Attend the largest medical device manufacturing and design show with us at the SWISS Pavilion at Medtec Japan 2019 and profit from a ready to use stand and clear identification by Swiss design.

In-depth information and detailed opportunities in the Market Report

The Market Report “Medtech in Japan - Opportunities for Swiss Suppliers” offers an overview of the market landscape and opportunities for Swiss companies including key players, trends in the market and the opportunities and challenges as well as various market entry strategies, and recommendations for how best to approach the Japanese market


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