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Russia: Opportunities for Swiss Suppliers of medical equipment

In Russia in 2017, imported products accounted for 76% of the total volume of the Russian medical equipment market, where the share of foreign production is one of the highest. The Swiss Business Hub Russia is showing in the market report various short- and long-term business opportunities for Swiss Suppliers.

Medical equipment in a hospital setting

Even though the government is trying to grow the domestic medical device industry through the so called “import substitution and localization program”, the Russian healthcare system still relies heavily on imports. Most high-tech and innovative products are imported from Europe and the United States. The share of the foreign production in the medical equipment sector is one of the highest. Within the industry innovative technologies are being used and large investments in R&D are required, including diagnostics and visualization, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, orthopedics, laboratory diagnostics, and urology equipment. Therefore many opportunities for foreign suppliers arise in the industry.

Opportunities for Swiss companies in the medical equipment industry

The present report made by the Swiss Business Hub Russia shows the opportunities for Swiss companies, which the ongoing investments in the modernization and expansion of the local production in the sector of the medical equipment offer. The report further provides useful tips on how to successfully win new business partners in the Russian market.

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In total, the research done by the Swiss Business Hub reveals that there are at least 14 major investment projects in preparation, which offer business opportunities for Swiss suppliers (short- and long-term). Interested? Download the report below or get in contact with our Senior Consultant Russia, Michael Kühn.

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